Why go electric?

We believe Electric Vehicles are a technology whose time has come. We also know we have entered the golden age of solar power when we are producing the cheapest electricity from sunshine. And, we love the great outdoors - start where the roads end, and explore the unknown.

We also feel that innovation and technological progress is often much further than we know, or at least further than most people think it is.
So we want to do our bit in trying to push the boundaries, attempting something that may not (yet) be possible, something that is certain to be difficult.

So why not try to take an EV offroad AND offgrid - venture beyond the beaten tracks, and beyond the charging station infrastructure which cities and highways offer and will offer more and more of in the future.

This challenge, and the very fact that it might not be possible, or just possible in part, is why we want to go electric and solar powered - There is only one way to find out.

That is why we are building ECARUS


It’s wild

It’s a chance to be pioneers - to get out there and explore not just the “wild outdoors” but also the next frontier for electrific mobility. Autonomous? NO WAY - we WANT to drive this thing, if you have ever done it, you’ll know why!


It’s cool

More power, more torque, less noise and no pollution. Converting a classic off-roader into a smart EV means you CAN have your cake and eat it, too: you get the look and feel of automotive history coupled with the latest technology and better off-road performance - but without the noise, the exhaust fumes or the carbon footprint.


It’s doablE, or IS IT?

Climate change, and the impact it is having will continue to be the biggest challenge we face at a global level - if we don’t get smarter about it.

We want to test the limits of electric mobility and renewable energy beyond their comfort zones - we might be much closer to exciting solutions than we think.