A venture like Project ECARUS™ needs fresh ideas across a range of topics. After all, we are not “just” building a prototype for an electric car but also a 6x6 off-roader, a solar power plant, an educational tool and an expedition shelter/camper van. We are lucky to have some great people with great minds in our lives who bring just that.

Meet the Project ECARUS™ Advisory Team:

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Electric Drive

Thorsten and his wife Danja drove a super-cool 4x4 desert explorer from Germany to the Cape of Good Hope a few years ago. Our paths crossed in the dunes of Oman. Thorsten helps us when we realise how little we know about the various mechanical and electronic aspects of Project ECARUS™, about electric motors and drive systems, as well as route planning, given where they have been. His day-job in automotive R&D, including designing electric Porsches certainly doesn’t hurt, either.



Genius Pragmatism

Lucky neighbours we are! Sam and Hannes have braved many a dune, desert camp and build-challenge together. Sam brings pragmatism, common sense and an inexhaustible knowledge of what, from where, and best done how. With his engineering background and steel-industry experience on top of it all, Sam is an invaluable guru to the development of Project ECARUS™.

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Solar System

Ayham knows a lot about solar systems, having built hundreds of megawatts in desert, marine and other environments across the Middle East, Europe and Africa. He’s a creative mind, a family friend and he rocks at educating the Project ECARUS™ builders on all things solar. With Ayham’s help, we have equipped overlanders with small-scale systems to power auxiliary equipment. Next step: the entire electric propulsion.

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Anything that needs more thinking

To help with confusion, Johannes nearly shares the same name as Hannes, and they are cousins. Johannes is a proud co-owner of a second PINZGAUER project, a genius strategist, a keen adventurer, superb photographer, a pilot, a Formula 1 development alumni and…(no, this is where the list finishes to stop embarrassing Hannes about who the bright kid is in the family.) Eternal inspiration and great ideas from this cerebral sounding board into the ECARUS™ project, particularly on funding and sponsorship.



Data Analytics

Chris rocks, topping us other geeks on data, analysis and creating insightful information from a wealth of data.To help us stay on top of how battery, consumption, temperature, solar and topography data interact, Chris will do his magic. Chris is a guy with unlimited vision and enthusiasm when it comes to renewables, innovation and information - and we're benefitting greatly from his tech-startup background, his experience in large scale wind and solar, and analysis of electric vehicle fleet data.